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Beaver Problems & Beaver Removal
​Beaver problem situations may include impoundment of water threatening downstream property, upstream flooding of land, trees or crops killed or damaged by flooding, flooding of homes, roads, impairment of drainage systems, contamination of water supplies, damage to wildlife habitat or land owner distress. Control and removal of beaver is done in a safe humane & environmentally acceptable manner. 
  Woodline Wildlife Control & Animal Removal solves conflicts between humans and animals when they start to pose a threat to health and safety. Some of the dangers include diseases and parasites. Damage caused by animals that take up residence in or under homes or structures. Property damage such as cutting down trees and flooding. Other dangers are caused by burrowing animals resulting in tunnels underground that can weaken structures.
Bat Problems & Bat Removal
When bats start to roost in​ large numbers, (Called a colony) they become a problem because they leave behind a large amount of guano and urine. Guano is unsanitary and serves as a breeding ground for a variety of fungal diseases. Bats are also known to carry rabies. Removal of bats is done through exclusion. This is where bats are able to exit but not re-enter the dwelling. 
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Services provided
Thorough Inspection:
  We will conduct a full and detailed inspection of your home or property to  accurately  identify the type of animal, entry and exit locations so we can determine the best method of removal. 
We will also give you advice on how to make your home or property less appealing to wildlife.
24 Hour Emergency Service:     774-318-0426
 You may have a bat flying around in your home​ or have a wild  animal loose in your house. 
Exclusion Devices And One Way Doors:
On some species we can set up exclusion devices which allow​ the animal to exit the dwelling, but will not allow re-entry. 
Animal Removal:
We use the most modern live traps and techniques to remove only the problem animals in a safe humane manner
Dead Animal Removal:
​Animal can die unexpectedly in your home or attic, garage and there carcass can emit a horrible smell. Give us a call​! 
Raccoon Problems & Raccoon Removal
Raccoons seem to be one of the most common nuisance animals that will cause damage to your home. Due to their large size and strength, they are capable of tearing open soffits, vents, or any loose boards to gain entry. Once inside they can cause all kinds of damage. Another big concern is they are a common carrier of rabies and several other diseases that are harmful to humans and domestic animals. Raccoon removal is Paramount to safety and health.
Woodchuck Problems & Woodchuck Removal
​Woodchucks can cause damage to flower beds, gardens, they also burrow into bankings, under sheds, porches, and walkways causing them to collapse. Woodchuck removal are very important if they are causing any kind of damage. 
Skunk Problems & Skunk Removal
​common skunk problems arise when they decide to den under a porch, deck, crawlspace, shed, garage, etc. there is a chance of being sprayed if the skunk feels threatened. But only as a last resort. Skunks feed primarily on insects, invertebrate, fruit. skunks will dig holes in lawns looking for insects. They are also one of the more common carriers of rabies.
Squirrel Problems & Squirrel Removal
Gray Squirrel, ​Red Squirrel, and Flying Squirrels can become a problem when they enter attics, crawl spaces, sheds for nesting or shelter. In doing so, they may cause damage to the structure, pull apart insulation, chew on wiring which could be a potential fire hazard. Squirrels should be removed to prevent further damage. Once they have been removed, all openings should be repaired. You must always make sure there are no animals left in attic before you seal up holes.
Opossum Problems & Opossum Removal
​Opossums give off a very strong odor,they may den under steps, porches, decks, sheds,under houses. Opossums are consider a nuisance in gardens and near homes. they are known to carry many different diseases. They can get into a fight with a dog or cat and cause damage with their sharp teeth. Removal and exclusion of opossum is recommended.   
Muskrat Problems & Muskrat Removal
​Muskrats can cause damage to property when they burrow into ditch banks as they make there den. Hole digging activities undermine earth inside of dams and dikes. damage also occur to banks of golf course ponds, canals and farm ponds. Muskrat feeding activities often destroy the roots of the vegetation, and it may take 15 - 20 years for the habitat to return to its original state. This little rodent can do a lot of damage in little time. Control methods and  measures will keep their numbers in place
Handling wildlife can be very dangerous; it should be done only by highly trained professionals

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Fox Problem & Fox Removal 
​Problems associated with foxes include depredation on small domestic animals. Foxes will prey on ducks, chickens, rabbits, cats may also be preyed upon. Healthy foxes do not cause damage in the physical sense. Foxes can carry organisms responsible for several contagious diseases such as Mange, Canine Distemper, Toxocariasis, and Rabies. If the presence of a fox on your property makes you nervous, give us a call.
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